Japan’s Top Anti-Aging Skincare Brand
Perfectly solve all your mature skin problems!

Upgraded, luxurious formula for the SAME GREAT PRICE!

Over 70 million bottles have been sold worldwide, making PERFECT ONE the top Japanese brand for all-in-one anti-aging skincare! 

This time, PERFECT ONE has upgraded its beauty formula to provide extra nourishment for your skin! 

SHIN NIHON SEIYAKU CO., LTD is a renowned company in Japan that focuses on beauty and health products. They take research and development very seriously so that they can provide the best products for their customers. This all-in-one gel is no exception! This entire bottle is full of luxurious ingredients – the best for your skin!

How I came across PERFECT ONE

I am a working mother, and with a blink of an eye, I’m almost 45!

Time really flies, and recently I’ve noticed some aging signs on my face…

Fine lines are starting to appear and my skin has become drier than before…

BUT what worries me the most is the lack-luster skin tone😭

I learned about PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel while I was surfing on my SNS feed one day~

“Japan’s top-rated skincare for mature skin!”

Look at the beauty advisor’s skin condition ~~ Absolutely can’t tell that she’s already 40!!

This gel has actually been awarded No.1 for 2 consecutive years! 

A lot of people buy this gel when they go to Japan.

Even though it might not be known as a very big skincare brand, PERFECT ONE has sold OVER 70 million bottles!! You can also easily find PERFECT ONE products in department stores in Japan~


The new version is now also available in Singapore! Though I haven’t been able to find many reviews about the new version, without hesitation I’ve already bought one to try it out!!

First is the packaging ~ It looks just as high-quality with its unique brown colour and golden coloured text!

It looks just as high-class as those well-known skincare products~~

Next up is the texture ~ I actually don’t feel much of a big difference compared to the previous version – lightweight, BUT I can definitely feel that it absorbs better!

Now let me explain the difference between the old and new versions!!

With busy schedules, I am switching between being indoors and outdoors many times everyday. 

The wind and humid hot weather outside followed by the strong air conditioner indoors have made those fine lines more visible and dry skin condition even worse…

And what worries me the most is that as we age, the skin moisture level decreases 😭

So that’s why many skin troubles appear!! I must do something to protect my precious skin!

Japan’s well-known skincare and health supplement products developer, SHIN NIHON SEIYAKU ’s popular anti-aging skincare – PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel

The new version contains black pearl shell essence, which can penetrate to the deepest skin layers to encourage skin repairment and skincare product absorption!


✔️World’s first VC Collagen – 5x hydrating ability💦

✔️7 Capsulated Biological Ceramides – Helps form protective skin layer🔹

✔️Black Pearl Shell Essence – Effectively repair deep skin layers💓

《How I Use PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel》

I apply Lifting Gel once in the morning and at night.

Aside from applying it on the face, I also apply some on my neck because people can tell your age by the fine lines on your neck!! Definitely need to take care of your neck’s skin condition too!!!

《After using PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel for One Month》

LOOK~!! All I did was apply Lifting Gel once in the morning & at night.

And now I think my facial appearance looks younger than before!

I think the biggest difference is my skin tone is now bright & radiant!!!

My skin also feels more elastic! 

So I took a picture right away!

Recently, my friends have also been asking me what kind of skincare products I use because my face is now always hydrated and radiant.

My entire skin condition has improved a lot and after using Lifting Gel myself, I can definitely say that it has helped lighten those fine lines and tighten my sagging skin!

I’m so touched by the effects of PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel!

If I had known about it sooner then I wouldn’t have spent that much money on other useless skincare products!

Skincare specifically developed for mature skin

Thanks to Lifting Gel, I have gotten the courage to get rid of all my other previous skincare products! 

Now all I need is PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel

Helps me save lots of money too!

My friends and family members have commented that I look a lot younger~

Even my husband and kids too~~ 

So, if you have the same problems that I list below, you must try PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel!

Fine lines as age increases
Decreasing skin metabolism causing dark and dull skin
Lacking skin radiance as age increases
Don’t feel any improvements from your current skincare products…
Think your skin makes you look older, dull skin, lack of skin elasticity…
Want to revive young-looking skin

I only need to apply light makeup and my skin looks healthy & bright!
If you are interested, you can check out PERFECT ONE Lifting Gel on their official website too!




Jenny Yao  2022.07.12

 I have used this product for years, very good.

版主回覆  2022.07.13

I’m glad to hear that!

annie  2022.07.11

 Gentle on my very sensitive skin. Cream is light and not greasy.

版主回覆  2022.07.13

Thank you for sharing☺️

Jane  2022.07.10

First time trying out this lifting gel hopefully it will improve my skin conditions.

版主回覆  2022.07.11

Hope it will be helpful to you!